… Why SPRING ??

Hello Guys,

As already mentioned, Spring is very lightweight and to make it more light it runs on a web container like Tomcat, and to make it lighter for developers it simply based on POJO (plain old Java objects). Even one can create a simple application with simple POJO and some spring configurations.

Springs came to picture as an alternative to the existing Java EJBs due to the fact that EJB applications has huge problem while maintaining, lack for testing functionalists takes away the first and strong line of defense from developers, adding and removing modules into the old application was very very difficult as they are tightly coupled with each others. With these the added pressure of dealing with the complexities in code do not let developers to concentrate on the core business logic.

Springs provide greats solutions to all these problem…

  • Testability
  • Maintainability
  • Scalebility
  • Handling complexities with ease
All together, these makes our life easier and force us to fall in love with SPRINGS at first place. We can now concentrate more on the development of application with the business on mind not with the complexities of coding. We can now handle the exceptions while it still in making not at a point where it became a monster and start punching and kicking us with powerful exceptions. 
From requester’s perspective, when they need something and ask for that they want that need as final product not the steps followed to make it or make it safe or make it better. On this SPRINGS becomes a huge relief for us to provide requester what they need.
Now aren’t you in LOVE with spring ? I am now for sure as I am sailing ahead and much interested to get into it ASAP. I know you too and want to see some codes. For us life without codes are boring.

I promise in coming series will try to get started with our first application…

Thank you,
Sovan Misra

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